Month: October 2016

Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard

Dear CHABSS Community,

I attended the CSUSM Teaching Expo a few days ago and as always I was inspired and enriched by all the innovative ideas presented by faculty. I was reminded yesterday of a student comment that Paul Stuhr, Kinesiology, shared with us at the Expo. The student said, and I am paraphrasing, that after Paul introduced mindfulness practices into the classroom, she was compelled to hold herself to a higher standard. The debate last night reflected just how low the standard has fallen and how easy it is to start normalizing these low standards or to be frustrated with our “leaders” and the example they are setting for us and our students.  I was wondering if we might engage in a conversation about what we can do to inspire ourselves and our students to hold ourselves to a higher standard in everything we do.

Interim Dean, CHABSS